Take me home...

Take me home
Buffalo Springfield
down down down
for what it’s worth

and then sing for me, Neil
like your picture in my wall
dance dance dance
taking me back
to those years of hope
when the blue birds flew
to freedom

Take me home
oh Buffalo, let me fall
like a stone on the grass
where my mom cried once
and my brother
raised up your music
as a rebel flag

You, beautiful Buffalo Springfields
with your long hairs
your powerful guitars
your melancholic tunes
your irreverent moods
Take me back home
down down down
for what it’s worth…

Photo:  C.K.Aldrey, Sweet Sixteen, 1966


Anonymous said...

Me conmueve, Karin, buenísimo!

Soligregario said...

Muchas gracias, Sofía!